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Privjesak “Rep od tune” – Maritimo


By purchasing this product, you will enable us to recycle 10 plastic bottles, i.e. 100 plastic caps from the Adriatic Sea.

Get to know our unique recycled pendants, handmade from corks that found their way to us from the Adriatic Sea and from your homes. Each pendant is a true work of art, with a special design that combines elegance and sustainability. In addition, we guarantee their durability * with a lifetime guarantee .

The first edition comes in three beautiful color combinations: Sipa, inspired by the depths of the sea, Maritimo, which evokes all the shades of the Adriatic blue sea, and Terazzo, which brings the freshness and elegance of the white coast. Everyone who wears these glasses contributes to the protection of our beautiful Adriatic Sea.

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About the “Tuna tail” pendant

A common rule in the plastics industry is “The better the mold, the better the product”. That’s why we developed a machined premium mold for these pendants made on top CNC (processing with H7 tolerance). These pendants are made of plastic bottle caps molded by an injection machine. In cooperation with top manufacturers, we have made a “longline” (traditional fishing system) rope design, resistant to sea salt and corrosion and ideal for use in the sea or water.

*Lifetime warranty!

While we are alive, so are your pendants. If you break the pendants (plastic part), send them back to us, we will grind them with a shredder machine and make new ones for you , exactly the same but completely different 🙂 In case of destruction/damage of the rope, the guarantee is not valid.

O Maritimo Recycling

Maritimo Recycling is a Croatian non-profit organization operating in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, specializing in the production of high-quality and affordable recycling equipment based on the Precious Plastic ecosystem. We create new and unique ways to recycle plastic and are available 24/7, all with the goal of a cleaner Adriatic . In addition to our products, we also produce our own “small-scale” machines. “small scale” that we want you to use tomorrow and help us defeat the pollution of the Adriatic Sea!


The finishing works are done by hand and the “imperfect” processing is noticeable. The pendants do not have a polished look compared to industrially made jewelry, but a ” recycled look ” is present in the final version of the product.

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